Feastables Packaging
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Textile/Background Pattern

As an artist, I strive to create designs that captivate the audience's attention and leave a lasting impression. My latest project involved creating packaging that seamlessly merges two unique brands - Mr. Beast and Feastables. My primary goal was to make sure that Feastables takes center stage in the design while showcasing the collaboration with Mr. Beast. I chose to illustrate Feasty, the Feastables mascot, in a space-themed setting to evoke a child-like and fun vibe. By incorporating different movements, I aimed to make the design playful and lively. To appeal to our target audience, I incorporated retro arcade motifs, symbols, and colors that are on-trend for the year 2023. I wanted to emphasize the snack bar's uniqueness by giving it an "out of this world" feel, hence the space theme. A darker background sets it apart from other existing Feastables products, creating a distinctive visual identity. Incorporating elements from the existing brand identity ensures that the design is cohesive and consistent. Overall, my goal was to create packaging that captures the essence of both brands while keeping the design fun, unique, and on-trend. I hope that the packaging not only appeals to the target audience but also leaves a lasting impression on anyone who comes across it.
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