Donley LAma Streaming Pack
Creative Direction - Brand Identity - Graphic Design - Motion Design

Brand Logo
Brand Colors
Textile/Background Pattern
Steam Overlay Screens
Steam Intro Screen
Intermission Screen
Animated Screen
Stream Buttons

After Effects
As a lover of video games and the streaming community, creating a brand identity for The Donley Lama was an exciting challenge for me. The task was to create an illustration or logo using a llama that would be non-offensive, easy to read, and likeable to all ages. Drawing inspiration from retro games and streamers, I added some fun elements to the design by making the logo off-center and incorporating a custom character illustration, pattern, and colors from popular games like Fortnite and Fall Guys. With a focus on treating the brand as a business, I aimed to create an iconic design that could be displayed together or independently. This was achieved by creating a custom character logo and custom type, providing versatility for future expansion of the logo, text, or combination of both across a line of merchandise. To further enhance the brand, I also created a custom pattern with symbols representing the brand, including a llama and peace sign pattern that could be used across future products such as apparel or stationery. Overall, I am proud of the final result and believe it successfully captures the fun and unique personality of The Donley Lama, while also providing a strong foundation for the brand to expand and evolve in the future.
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