Aunt Mary Jane’s Edibles
Creative direction - Brand identity - 
Commercial Design - Photo Manipulation - 
Package Design - Collateral Design

Brand Identity
Style Guide
Employee Shirt
Employee Badge
Business Card
Signage Design
Store Front Design
Window Cling
Exit Package
Product Package


I played a key role in developing and establishing Aunt Mary Jane's Edibles, a brick-and-mortar store targeting an older demographic who may not feel comfortable entering a traditional "smoke shop." To create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, I used warm colors and organic curves that evoke a DIY and homey feel. For the window cling, I aimed to make it informative and friendly to draw customers in while also highlighting the health benefits of THC/CBD. Additionally, I designed a variety of branded materials to enhance the store's professional and unique image, including product packaging, exit packaging, uniforms, employee badges, and stationary. I am proud to have contributed to the success of Aunt Mary Jane's Edibles by creating a cohesive and inviting brand that effectively communicates the benefits of their products and sets them apart in a competitive market.
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