'Praise the King: bb. king tribute festival'

Creative Direction - Photo Manipulation - 
Layout Design - Information Design

Event Poster
Merch design

This project was a tribute to the legendary blues artist BB King, featuring a star-studded concert that brought together some of the genre's most notable performers. As part of the VIP experience, attendees received a limited-edition gift to take home as a memento of the evening. My goal as a designer was to create a modern and clean design that focused on BB King as the center of attention while still capturing the eye. I wanted to convey the excitement and joy of his music, so I incorporated bright colors and patterns that evoke the energy of his playing. To achieve this, I designed two posters, a billboard, limited edition print posters, VIP tickets, and tote bags, all with a cohesive visual identity that celebrates BB King's legacy. Through this project, I aimed to honor one of the greatest blues artists of all time and provide a memorable experience for attendees, who could take a piece of art home with them to commemorate the event.

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